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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Surfrider Foundation Rincon's ‘Adopt-a-Beach’ Program

Synopsis - As part of Surfrider Nationals campaign ‘Know your H20’ and Blue Water Task Force Program, Surfrider Foundation Rincón is working to improve regional water quality by monitoring local fresh water outflows, streams/rivers, wells, and beaches for fecal contamination. However, we need monetary help in order to achieve our mission, goals, and objectives. Your business can help our chapter, the community, and the region by contributing to our program by ‘Adopting a Beach or Quebrada.’

Mission - To improve regional water quality.

Goal - To monitor freshwater outflows, streams/rivers, wells, and beaches for fecal contamination.

Objectives - (1) Notify the public of contamination events, (2) identify sources of water pollution, (3) provide results to regional and state administrators, (4) Improve regional water quality.

Figure 1. Current Blue Water Task Force monitoring sites. Each of the above sites will be monitored on a fixed weekly schedule every Tuesday starting April 27th, 2010.

How can my business help? Your business can help our chapter obtain the supplies and cover the overhead (i.e. lab space) involved in orchestrating and maintain our water quality monitoring program.

How will my contribution be spent? How ever you want! You tell us. If you want to provide money to sample a beach near your business, or if you want to sample a local stream just let us know and we will get it underway. (For more details see Fig. 2 below and program costs in Appendix I)

How does the program operate? The program operates through grassroots activism. All the samples will be collected by trained volunteers and analyzed by our program director, Steve Tamar. Results will be analyzed with UPRM biologists, disseminated to the public, and to local and regional agencies.

How will my business benefit from contributing? Your business will benefit directly through advertisements and from improved regional water quality.

Sounds great! Who can I make my check payable to? Surfrider Foundation Rincon!
Be sure to check out other chapter related programs, events, and information at!

Figure 2. Current and proposed program expansion to the neighboring municipalities of Aquada and Añasco. Other potential sampling sites can be seen in Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 below indicated by the box inset.

For more information, or to volunteer to assist with this program, please contact Steve at

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